Christopher deRosenroll, CD, CCFI, CFEI, CFII: Senior Fire & Explosion Investigator

Prior to his career as a fire investigator Chris completed a distinguished career as a military fire fighter.  Having joined the Royal Canadian Navy as a Naval Airman, Chris graduated with honours from the Military Fire Academy in 1969.

Starting as a basic hose man Chris successfully worked in all fire crew positions including dive team member and helicopter response crew.  Chris was promoted nine times and worked his way up to Fire Chief following which he was elevated to Navy Fire Marshal and then Assistant Canadian Forces Fire Marshal.

Chris was awarded the Canadian Forces decoration with two bars and the NATO Medal.  Chris also received a US Navy Commanding Officers letter of commendation for his role as a diver in preventing a US Navy destroyer from grounding due to fouled propellers.

Throughout his military career Chris completed numerous fire investigations.  His first fire investigation, in 1972, resulted in a successful arson conviction.  Chris’ last fire investigation in the Navy was for the Federal Department of Justice involving a civilian ship in a government dry dock in British Columbia.  At the time the fire was alleged to be the most costly insurance claim in BC history.

After leaving the Navy in 2000 Chris went into private practice as a fire Investigator.  Some highlights of Chris’ civilian career include: in 2004 he investigated the cause of the Earlton fire in Calgary, alleged to be the most expensive insurance claim in Calgary’s history to that time.  In 2011 Chris investigated the Remy Richmond fire.  A three, six story, building complex built under the amended BC Building code permitting wood structures above four stories.  In 2014 he investigated fatal sawmill explosions in Burns Lake BC and Prince George BC.  In 2018 as part of a team of instructors from the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) Chris taught fire investigation to Civil Defense investigators in Abu Dahbi UAE.

Chris has qualified as an expert witness in BC and Alberta courts and his precise work has resulted in numerous out of court settlements favourable to his clients.


Chris holds fire investigator certifications from the Department of National Defense, the National Association of Fire Investigators and the Canadian Association of Fire Investigators.