2D & 3D CAD Drawings

Plan drawings of a fire scene are a valuable tool both for the reader of an origin and cause report as well as the fire investigator. Documenting a fire scene through plan drawings, in addition to photographs and videotape, provides an accurate visual representation of the fire incident.

Plan drawings provide a supplemental image to an oral or written report and are a valuable visual tool which assist the fire investigator when interviewing witnesses.

Detailed plan drawings provide visual information including:

  • Site plans
  • Detailed floor plans
  • Pre-fire contents diagrams
  • Area of origin
  • Flame spread damage and flame spread progression details
  • Location of physical evidence removed from the scene


Should a fire loss claim proceed to trial, plan drawings enable a judge and jury to better understand the evidence being presented in court.

Upon request we are also able to provide an animated computer generated 3-D version of our drawings which walks the viewer through each compartment of the structure in a video-like format.


Sample Plan Drawings

Due to legal considerations the below sample drawings do not depict actual fire scenes.



Sample 3D Plan Drawing


Sample 2D Plan Drawing

Sample 2D Plan Drawing

Sample 2D/ 3D  Drawing