Drone Scene Documentation

Investigating the origin and cause of a fire scene sometimes requires a different perspective. Drones can capture the birds-eye view of residential or commercial fires or explosions more quickly and efficiently than manned aerial flyovers. High-resolution photos and videos make it possible to observe fire patterns visible only from above, as well as capture footage of areas impossible to reach from the ground.

Drone fire and explosion applications include:

  • Origin and Cause Investigation
  • Debris Field Analysis
  • Damage Assessment


Large Loss Claims

Drones can deploy quickly to large losses to document the scene and provide data, two things that are essential when quick cleanup or restoration are paramount to securing an area or getting a business back up and running.

Drone large loss applications include:

  • Origin and Cause scene documentation
  • Commercial and Industrial losses
  • Explosion scenes
  • Large Structural collapses involving fire
  • Fire Scenes involving Hazardous Materials sites